Campus Life

Students enjoy outdoor dining at the LBC at twilight

Tulane直播自慰视频檚 beautiful, tree-lined campus will in no time. Our students can choose to live in residential colleges with people who share their interests, or opt for a more traditional dorm experience. Residence halls and libraries offer quiet places to study but there are many other cozy spots to study or even between classes.

With over 25 locations on campus, students are never far from a wide range of meals and snacks. A monthly farmer直播自慰视频檚 market, food trucks and a late night diner are some of the most popular offerings.

Colorful snoballs on a tray
The Tulane community watches fireworks illuminate the night sky during Homecoming weekend

In a city where the temperature rarely goes below 50F, Tulane students are almost always able to spend their free time active and outdoors. With more than 200 , including 24 and a wide variety of and athletics teams to take part in, students here have many ways to get involved on campus. The , Tulane直播自慰视频檚 on-campus gym also is a great place to unwind after a long day to go swimming, take an exercise class or run a few laps around the indoor track.

There are a number of entertaining on campus throughout the year. Tulane students are never at a loss for activities, either behind the scenes, onstage or in the audience.

is a focal point for campus life with comfortable study spaces, multiple dining options, a and other retail shops. It's also the home for student organizations and many of the departments that provide student services.

Students stand in circle and hold vigil on campus
Students play soccer on campus quad

Our on-campus staff keep students healthy in mind and body. Primary and preventive healthcare, health promotion programs, and referral coordination are just a few of the services they offer. If at any time you encounter a challenge you're not sure how to handle, is here for you. Their services include as well as .

If you have had accommodations in the past or need them at any time while you are at Tulane, the can assist you. They are committed to providing equal access and a friendly environment for all who work or study here.

The provides many services to help students get the most out of their Tulane experience. From accessibility to wellness, they've got you covered.