About Tulane

Founded as The Medical College of Louisiana in 1834 to train New Orleans doctors in the fight against yellow fever and cholera, Tulane has a long history at the forefront of groundbreaking research.

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Tulane is home to an extraordinary and transformative community. We foster exploration and innovation, embrace our differences and build meaningful lives. Our collective character and appreciation for finding our own path unites us, defines our sense of community, and creates uncommon results for our region and the world.


Tulane is one of 65 members of the , an elite group of top-ranked research institutions.

Of New Orleans, For the World

Tulane has a rich legacy, and yet its story is still being written. Ours is a passionate, tight-knit community where our differences make us stronger and our culture inspires us to celebrate life. Tulanians lead with confidence, humility 直播自慰视频 and spirit. Learn more about us:

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